1946 Mercury Summer Theatre (part 1)

(4.6 stars; 11 reviews)

Welles and the Mercury revisit some favorite broadcasts from the 1930s and offer some new stories as well. Mercury Summer Theatre (CBS) director: Orson Welles music: Bernard Herrmann episodes: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, music by Cole Porter The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher Jane Eyre by Emily Bronte A Passenger to Bali by Ellis St. Joseph The Search for Henri Le Fevre by Lucille Fletcher Life with Adam by Hugh Kemp The Moat Farm Murder by Norman Corwin The Golden Honeymoon by Ring Lardner Hell on Ice by Lincoln Ellsworth part 2 is here: http://www.archive.org/details/1946MercurySummerTheatrepart2

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Yet another treasure uncovered

(5 stars)

I was listening to the wonderful LibriVOX "Survivor's tales from famous crimes," while looking ahead at this book, and noticed they both feature segments about "Murder at Moat Farm." I could never murder, but could be sentenced to life and be ok if I had LibriVOX! Enough great writing and entertainment for many lifetimes... thanks once again!! Funny sidelight--at the beginning of the Moat Farm story there is a Pabst ad apologizing to a thirsty nation for not being able to sell them all the beer they want, due to "the beer shortage.". Let's see, 1946--was the postwar party drinking the country dry again? There's a mystery Orson doesn't solve for us. But wait, some broadcasts are from the 30s, so this could be THE shortage that lasted 14ish years, actually a little less for beer, less still for near beer. History at every turn in another fab LibriVOX production. Love it!!!

Treasures from Radio's golden age!!

(5 stars)

Thanks once more wonderful internet archive brownies, for another absolute gem. Welles has chosen several of his favorite roles from previous radio appearances and made a series perfect for summer listening. The orchestral score and sound effects are ingeniously subtle. Close your eyes and treat your brain to this free trip back to the summer of 1946 to your front row seat in the great Mercury Theater of the Air. For newcomers to old time radio, The Hitchhiker and Moat Farm Murder are famous chillers in the genre, esp.great for night time listening.

Trying to edit the dumb bunny out of my review, but can't.

(5 stars)

Guess I am a dumb bunny. It only let me write anew. Actually now I read the summary again, the stories here aired as summer replacement it sounds like, in1946, but most stories may have been made during prohibition. This still doesn't explain the 1946 pabst beer ads apologizing for the beer shortage. Anyone know? I wonder if they needed the ingredients for postwar reasons. Don't want to look it up yet, for fun. That's too easy sometimes, don't you think?

Easter Egg

(5 stars)

Wonderful Welles at his theatrical best. It's enough to make me thirst for a frosty mug of Pabst Blue Ribbon to savor along with the performances. 460802_Golden_Honeymoon also contains the poignant conclusion of Romeo and Juliet. Which is enough to make you like Shakespeare.

Yay Orson

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Part 2 is here: http://www.archive.org/details/1946MercurySummerTheatrepart2