Five Sci-Fi Short Stories by H. Beam Piper

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 761 reviews)

Five short stories by classic science fiction writer H. Beam Piper.

(5 hr 15 min)


The Answer 30:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Temple Trouble (part 1) 45:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Temple Trouble (part 2) 36:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Flight From Tomorrow 56:10 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 1) 42:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 2) 42:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 3) 23:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Graveyard of Dreams 55:09 Read by Mark Nelson


ignore the music at the beginning

(5 stars)

every story starts with some awful music and sound effects, worry not though there are no dodgy sound effects In the readings. well read, as is every sci-fi story this reader. the story content is varied, not all stories were good to me, but there's going to be at least 3 stories you'll like

Great stories, awful sound effects

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed the stories! Narration was great as well. My only hang up was the awful sound effects that they had at the beginning and end of the stories. They are very loud and distracting, not good for when I'm trying to use an audio book to fall asleep at night - wakes me up!

Good Short Stories from the Classic Era

(4 stars)

H. Beam Piper was a SF author who was most productive in the early 1950's. Although some of his references sound dated, the stories stand up well over time. Very enjoyable!


(5 stars)

honestly just another amazing set of H Beam Piper books. narrator was great all the way through and I just kept wanting more. definitely worth the listen for all the stories.

Good Sci Fi

(5 stars)

solid thought provoking time shifting science fiction. Excellent reader also.

Really good

(5 stars)

Really good stories by the author - well thought out and detailed syfy. Excellent delivery by the orator

voice great, content something else

(3 stars)

one of the best reading voices so far. contents...varys mostly from sufferable to bad but the last story almost made me cry. in a good way :) ignoring the fact that in the future tousands of years ahead women go prepare food while men talk the real stuff :D

This App Rocks

(4 stars)

I've been listening to books for a few days, and the titles are easy to search, the prices are good, and the free books are classics. The only issue I've had is the the books tend to restart if you have to stop the playback for any reason.