The Defenders

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.2 stars; 725 reviews)

The terrible destruction of total nuclear war between the Western and Eastern Blocks has succeeded in sterilizing the surface of the earth. No living creature can now exist there and all humans on both sides, have fled to the hives built miles below the surface where they constantly work to produce the war materials necessary to carry on the battle. For 8 years now, the actual fighting between these super powers has been conducted by robots known as Ledeys since only they can sustain the terrible levels of radiation caused by the constant bombardment. They are the Defenders, standing between the combatants far below and ultimate victory or defeat. Life is hard in the tunnels, but liveable, while it is lethal on the surface. The ledeys keep the generals informed on everything through vids and pictures; but how can this continue? what will happen? Who will win? (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (0 hr 59 min)


1 - Part 1 13:49 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - Part 2 14:09 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - Part 3 20:11 Read by Phil Chenevert
4 - Part 4 11:35 Read by Phil Chenevert


wonderful story & narration

(5 stars)

I was browsing through LibriVox's Sci-Fi collection on a hunt for some stories to listen to (whether for the first time or not) and ended up looking over PKD's works. I recall listening to this particular piece ~1.5 or so years ago. How anyone can have anything negative to say regarding Phil Chenevert's readings, is, to me, utterly dumbfounding. He's easily one of the best, most especially in his Sci-Fi contributions. Thank-you!

Good SF tale

(4 stars)

An interesting tale again demonstrating great imagination of PK Dick, and with a very good reading to boot.

Klatu Berada Nikto

(4.5 stars)

That's where my mind went after the reading. Possible SPOILER here. In the original, 'Day the earth stood still,' Klatu said they created the race of robots to maintain order. I often wondered if the robots usurped that authority, & how/why that would come about: reasoned logic. My only ought, is those guys life without female companionship.

How AI bots won global war 4 Trump fans

(4 stars)

4 stars 80% Undergrounders meet hot surface war A-Class "Ledey" robot for interrogation re: USSR smart mine sightings. Ch. 2 Into lift; calling Ledey's bluff. Ch. 3 Confessions of Ledey's subterfuge. Attacking the Commies again? Ch. 4 Robots present superior morality and force peace.

Enjoyed story & narrator

(4 stars)

Good story made much better by Phil Chenevert's reading. I would have liked to have seen this story written with much more detail,and a bit longer. But is a good tale as is. Lend a ear and enjoy Phil's reading of The Defenders.

worth the listen

(5 stars)

Philip k Dick is one of the best modern sci-fi writers. This short story is to the point without being convoluted. Excellent twist, characters most importantly the social commentary this genre offers us. Leaves you inspired with internal questions to ask.

Enjoyable Sci-fi

(4 stars)

An enjoyable short story that's a little predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. Narrator was particularly exceptional, I actually liked the old-school robot voice used. For anyone who likes short sci-fi stories, you'll probably enjoy this one.

Great book well read

(5 stars)

Cleverly explores themes of war, human psychology and artificial intelligence without beating you over the head with its ideas. Strongly recommended to those with even a passing interest in sci fi