The Time Machine (Version 3)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.6 stars; 3777 reviews)

H.G. Wells' classic science fiction-fantasy story, in which a scientist known only as “The Time Traveller” tells the tale of his journey to the year 802,701 A.D. and beyond, where he witnesses the end of human civilization as we know it, as well as the beginning of the end of the world. This original time-travel story has been copied many times, but never improved upon. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (3 hr 39 min)


Chapter 1 21:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 13:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 14:53 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 25:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 5 42:36 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 6 14:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 7 16:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 8 16:54 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 9 16:55 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 7:45 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 11 13:33 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 12 14:59 Read by Mark Nelson


(5 stars)

A great reading of a classic text. The book tells the rather dark prediction of how man, having reached his pinnacle in the Victorian age, will devolve into sub-human creatures again thousands of years from now. It made me glad I don't look to naturalistic evolution to explain man today, or the future would look very dark indeed.


(5 stars)

The reader is excellent. A high quality version of this classic.

Exciting clasic

(5 stars)

The narrativ is very good. And this book is fantastic.


(5 stars)

This was my first audio book it was interesting to listen.

Fascinating Story

(5 stars)

Very interesting tale. One of my favorites so far

excellent story

(5 stars)

great story , very easy to get lost in

Not what I expected

(4 stars)

It is interesting to listen to this title in 2018, a book published in 1895. There are huge cultural advancements that have been made since this was written and this is almost a time machine in itself, relaying the changes that have happened in over 100 years and also the things that we still hold onto for fear of their loss. There can also be found the things of importance to the author and the people of 1895 and their fears of what would be lost in a future that continued on a cultural path deemed "not masculine enough". For it's time, the scientific portion of its portrayal of time travel still seems relatively timeless. The real jolt is between the lines, describing how far we have come as a society and how far we still have to go.

Great book!

(4 stars)

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD: A wonderful tale about Man's possible future as per the outlook of the great late 19th century, and early 20th century, British writer HG Wells, where cultural classism of the time reaches its tumultuous consequences in the far flung future. While I enjoyed the social commentary in the Age of (spoilers) 802,701 AD, I am dismayed that there isn't more time traveling, or in fact that the book is not longer. We get to see our Earth in its final days, and giant crabs (I feel as though I've missed simething), but no more. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic and fascinating ride while it lasts.