In Freedom's Cause

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.9 stars; 90 reviews)

Another stirring tale from the master of historical fiction set in the time of Robert Bruce and William Wallace and their struggle for Scotland's independence. (Summary by Annise) (10 hr 16 min)


00 - Preface 2:13 Read by Mike Harris
01 - Glen Cairn 21:04 Read by Mike Harris
02 - Leaving Home 25:34 Read by Mike Harris
03 - Sir William Wallace 23:44 Read by Mike Harris
04 - The Capture of Lanark 23:40 Read by Mike Harris
05 - A Treacherous Plot 21:22 Read by Mike Harris
06 - The Barns of Ayr 24:33 Read by Mike Harris
07 - The Cave in the Pentlands 28:11 Read by Mike Harris
08 - The Council at Stirling 20:30 Read by Mike Harris
09 - The Battle of Stirling Bridge 22:24 Read by Mike Harris
10 - The Battle of Falkirk 22:18 Read by Mike Harris
11 - Robert The Bruce 23:13 Read by Mike Harris
12 - The Battle of Methven 22:26 Read by Mike Harris
13 - The Castle of Dunstaffnage 20:10 Read by Mike Harris
14 - Colonsay 25:40 Read by Mike Harris
15 - A Mission to Ireland 23:07 Read by Ted Garvin
16 - An Irish Rising 26:08 Read by Ted Garvin
17 - The King's Blood Hound 28:46 Read by Chris Caron
18 - The Hound Restored 19:46 Read by GabrielleC
19 - The Convent of St. Kenneth 19:16 Read by GabrielleC
20 - The Heiress of the Kerrs 20:01 Read by GabrielleC
21 - The Siege of Aberfilly 30:12 Read by GabrielleC
22 - A Prisoner 14:41 Read by GabrielleC
23 - The Escape from Berwick 20:01 Read by GabrielleC
24 - The Progress of the War 21:28 Read by GabrielleC
25 - The Capture of a Stronghold 22:18 Read by GabrielleC
26 - Edinburgh 23:34 Read by GabrielleC
27 - Bannockburn 19:47 Read by GabrielleC


my favorite Henty

(2.5 stars)

My favorite Henry story, partly because I had ancestors involved in the Battle of Dunbar. Mike Harris is an excellent reader. The next two are fair readers, but the last eight chapters need to be redone as the reader seems to have a speech impediment.

Great book!

(3.5 stars)

This book is amazing! I loved it. The first three readers really good, but the last one wasn't the best. I still appreciated her time and effort though. The book is about Scotland's fight for freedom, with lots of exciting adventures in between! This book is extremely well thought out! Everyone should read it!


(3 stars)

Another fine historical novel by Henty, nobly and skillfully begun by the peerless Mike Harris. Unfortunately, it was uyterly ruined by the final reader who read with all of the interest of someone reading the telephone directory. Even this could have been overcome had she not persisted in reading with the garbled speed of someone needing to finish a chapter before being allowed a bathroom break.

great story...

(4 stars)

I love the story but I'm going to have to read the last part to myself. Not necessarily that miss Gabriel is a bad reader, but I feel that it would be more enjoyable to read it myself.

Henty never fails to impress

(5 stars)

As a younger boy I enjoyed reading many G.A. Henty books. I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook while working on other things, as I don't have time to read books myself anymore.

What a shame!

(2.5 stars)

A ripping good yarn set around Scotland's struggle for independence. Henty once again presents highly accurate historical research in a very easily understood form. The first reader, Mike Harris, is second to none; his recordings are clear and professional and his voice, with its mellow accent and rounded depths of tone is superb, he could read the ingredients off a ketchup bottle and make them sound interesting and important! Sadly, Mike Harris has one fault, he is so good that all the other readers suffer in comparison, in particular Miss Gabrielle C (the reader of the last few chapters and victorious finale). I think she had just got braces on her teeth or something, you can hear her struggling to speak clearly round them. I have heard Gabrielle on other recordings and she does the same on this one as the others, there is a breathy rush to complete the chapters in the fastest possible time, which completely destroys all the efforts of the author to tell the story with conviction and passion, while the listener has to make a super-human effort to comprehend the barrage of incomprehensible verbiage thrown at them by Gabrielle. I confess, that I was not inclined to put up with her or LibriVox's crass failure to monitor her output; I bailed out before the end. What a shame to spoil such a good book with such a dire presentation!!

great book

(2.5 stars)

I was so engrossed in th the story, i wished it wouldn't end. The last reader however, read it too choppy and fast, even slowing it down didn't help for listening. I tried my hardest to finish, but it was too frustrating and I had to quit entirly and to my utter disappointment I could not listen to the last 8 chapters. while I appreciate the readers time and effort, it was just too difficult for me to comprehend. I'm begging for the first gentleman to read the last 8 chapters. He brought the characters to life and was entertaining to listen to in his easy to listen to style. SP

well enjoyed

(3.5 stars)

the story was well written and really enjoyable as a whole and Henty is quickly becoming a favourite! Unfortunatly i do have to agree with the other reviews the first narrator was excellent and the next 2 did a alright job but due to what sounded like a lisp or some other speech impediment a fair portion of the pronunciation of the last reader was slurred or garbled and unintelligible. She wasnt a bad reader but it was certainly a challenge to understand her and follow the story in her section. Also the third reader mispronouced a fair number of simple words which frustrated listening.