One of the 28th - a Tale of Waterloo

Read by Mike Harris

(4.6 stars; 139 reviews)

A tale of Victorian-style romance, maritime battles and even the penultimate Napoleonic battle - Waterloo. (Introduction by Mike Harris)

(10 hr 2 min)


00 - Preface 2:33 Read by Mike Harris
01 - Unexpected News 31:42 Read by Mike Harris
02 - A Country Visit 31:29 Read by Mike Harris
03 - Run Down 31:08 Read by Mike Harris
04 - The Privateer's Rendezvous 31:27 Read by Mike Harris
05 - The British Cruisers 31:46 Read by Mike Harris
06 - Home Again 30:16 Read by Mike Harris
07 - A Commission 23:29 Read by Mike Harris
08 - Startling News 31:25 Read by Mike Harris
09 - Mr. Tallboys' Visitor 32:36 Read by Mike Harris
10 - On Detachment 36:25 Read by Mike Harris
11 - Still-Hunting 31:23 Read by Mike Harris
12 - The Cave Among the Rocks 31:44 Read by Mike Harris
13 - More Startling News 29:42 Read by Mike Harris
14 - The New Housemaid 30:33 Read by Mike Harris
15 - In Belgium 31:51 Read by Mike Harris
16 - Found at Last 35:04 Read by Mike Harris
17 - Quatre Bras 31:18 Read by Mike Harris
18 - Waterloo 31:42 Read by Mike Harris
19 - The Rout 35:04 Read by Mike Harris


A great story and read

(4 stars)

This book is excellent. It is classic Henty. The sub story about the will was nice but the movement of Ralph and his experiences were the best part. I think Henty was right to not make it just about Waterloo but instead made it about Ralph. Lots of historical data and imagery. Worth a read or listen.

(5 stars)

The best of readers. His voice is clear and easy to understand. He has the right amount of character differentiation, not going overboard. The recording sound quality is excellent. I will read every book I can with him as reader. The reader makes the book.

One of the 28th - a Tale of Waterloo

(4.5 stars)

Excellent read - a super saga and story of the times surrounding youth, piracy, young love, military service in the infantry of the day with an excellent detail of the battle of Waterloo.

my all time favourite

(5 stars)

this is by far my favourite book by Henty. adventure, love, and the epic story of Waterloo, plus many other excellent adventures. and as with many Henty novels, read by the excellent Mike Harris. you can’t lose!


(4 stars)

The description of the great battle was, as usual with Henty, vivid and very understandable. Mike Harris, who has narrated several Henty books, is a pleasure to listen to, great pronunciation and always with proper volume.

One of the 28th

(5 stars)

Very interesting story. I liked the reader very well. And I especially liked part of the Will


(5 stars)

A fantastic story one of the best yet from Henti. the reader brought the characters to life thoroughly enjoyable

(4 stars)

The reader was excellent. Storyline was typical of G.A. Henty, the boy’s historian; pirates, intrigue, soldiering, and Napoleon.