Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Version 2)

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(4.1 stars; 511 reviews)

Professor Pierre Aronnax is an academic whose thirst for knowledge carries him out of his ivory tower and on the trail of a mysterious sea beast. His curiosity at last is satiated when he finds himself in the belly of the beast-- that is, on board the incredible submarine the Nautilus, courtesy of its mysterious pilot Captain Nemo and in the company of his servant Conseil and sailor Ned Land. (Introduction by Piper Hale)

(16 hr 43 min)


00 - Introduction & Units of Measure 12:11 Read by Chris Donnelly
01 - A Runaway Reef 15:16 Read by Piper Hale
02 - Pros and Cons 12:25 Read by Piper Hale
03 - As Master Wishes 11:09 Read by Piper Hale
04 - Ned Land 13:54 Read by Piper Hale
05 - At Random! 13:02 Read by Piper Hale
06 - At Full Steam 16:49 Read by Piper Hale
07 - A Whale of Unknown Species 17:00 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
08 - "Mobilis in Mobili" 19:48 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
09 - The Tantrums of Ned Land 15:46 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
10 - The Man of the Waters 21:24 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
11 - The Nautilus 20:06 Read by Cheri Gardner
12 - Everything through Electricity 14:39 Read by Ric Cornwall
13 - Some Figures 17:31 Read by Chris Donnelly
14 - The Black Current 25:23 Read by Paul Denton
15 - An Invitation in Writing 19:16 Read by LizMourant
16 - Strolling the Plains 14:23 Read by LizMourant
17 - An Underwater Forest 14:37 Read by LizMourant
18 - Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific 22:49 Read by EliMarieHK
19 - Vanikoro 22:58 Read by Gen Jones
20 - The Torres Strait 17:34 Read by ToddHW
21 - Some Days Ashore 22:28 Read by Yvonne Smith
22 - The Lightning Bolts of Captain Nemo 21:05 Read by Yvonne Smith
23 - "Aegri Somnia" 18:33 Read by twosheddz
24 - The Coral Realm 30:20 Read by John Kooz
25 - The Indian Ocean 36:13 Read by John Kooz
26 - A New Proposition from Captain Nemo 29:07 Read by John Kooz
27 - A Pearl Worth Ten Million 29:24 Read by ReadWriteLib
28 - The Red Sea 25:05 Read by badey
29 - Arabian Tunnel 16:27 Read by badey
30 - The Greek Islands 20:21 Read by badey
31 - The Mediterranean in Forty–Eight Hours 24:19 Read by Ric Cornwall
32 - The Bay of Vigo 23:57 Read by Ric Cornwall
33 - A Lost Continent 30:51 Read by Filippo Gioachin
34 - The Underwater Coalfields 27:46 Read by Theresa Sheridan
35 - The Sargasso Sea 25:02 Read by Theresa Sheridan
36 - Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales 23:59 Read by Ric Cornwall
37 - The Ice Bank 25:58 Read by Ric Cornwall
38 - The South Pole 29:36 Read by Ric Cornwall
39 - Accident or Incident? 17:25 Read by Brian Mills
40 - Shortage of Air 26:13 Read by Cheri Gardner
41 - From Cape Horn to the Amazon 23:21 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
42 - The Devilfish 26:45 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
43 - The Gulf Stream 28:02 Read by Cheri Gardner
44 - In Latitude 47° 24' and Longitude 17° 28' 19:14 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
45 - A Mass Execution 22:13 Read by Cheri Gardner
46 - The Last Words of Captain Nemo 17:36 Read by Cheri Gardner
47 - Conclusion 3:49 Read by LizMourant


(3 stars)

Ok, guy who reads chapters 24-26... I swear he's trolling the audience. You can tell he has a nice voice and knows how to read, but it sounds as though he's trying to do some bizarre combination of Jerry Seinfeld, William Shatner, and an English Accent.

(4 stars)

A great audio read...wforith exception to 24-26. This is the book I have chosen to listen to as I fall asleep over the past few weeks averaging one chapter a night. unfortunatey 24, 25, and 26 have been so unbearable and downright painful to hear it has been keeping me up at night. I am troubled by this reader's attempts and thus far they have taken me a week just to get through these chapters. Something about his tones and reflections truly frighten me to the core. Something wicked this way comes, and it chapters 24, 25, and 26.

(3 stars)

a classic, interesting historically as an early sci-fi novel, but the story itself isn't very engaging. many parts are extremely technical (physics, engineering, and biology), and thus can be boring if you aren't interested in that. I was only really excited during 3 parts of the book, and the ending wasnt great. and as others said, chs 24-26 are painful to hear, read in such an overexaggerated and slow fashion.

(4 stars)

all in all a very well read book...YET, like everyone says, the reader of chapters 24-26 has no idea what the use of emphasis is for! His chapters should be removed and read by someone else. it is almost painful to listen to his reading and distracts from the story. other than that, all the other readers did very well.


(4 stars)

exceptionally well read, needless to say the novel is nothing shy of superb. the one and only reason I rated 4 stars is simply because of the individual who read 24-26 who sounds like he is attempting to speak English to aliens. butchered is the slightest term one can use describe his "reading."

Good for a free recording

(3 stars)

The opinion stated by the majority of the reviews here are very accurate including the sentiments about the quality of ch 24-26, I managed to listen to those chapters but his reading is exceedingly annoying. You could pick any person off the street to read those sections and they would do it with a tone and inflection that sounded reasonably normal which is more than you can say about his version.


(3 stars)

I love the book, Jules Verne was a writer-genius far ahead of his time. One just needs to accept the context and language of the time and age it was written. My kudos to all the readers, except the kindergarten whacko who ruined the chapters 24-26 - if it was not for him, I'd give five stars.

(4 stars)

Love the reading of this book.... Except the guy who reads chapters 24 25 26. Its almost unbearable the only reason im bearing it is because i wanna finish this book. Im literally getting a headache from these chapters The others are great.