Space Prison

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.7 stars; 654 reviews)

AFTER TWO CENTURIES....The sound came swiftly nearer, rising in pitch and swelling in volume. Then it broke through the clouds, tall and black and beautifully deadly — the Gern battle cruiser, come to seek them out and destroy them. Humbolt dropped inside the stockade, exulting. For two hundred years his people had been waiting for the chance to fight the mighty Gern Empire ... with bows and arrows against blasters and bombs! (Summary from the Gutenberg text)

(5 hr 58 min)


01 Episode 1 31:06 Read by Mark Nelson
02 Episode 2 29:30 Read by Mark Nelson
03 Episode 3 31:27 Read by Mark Nelson
04 Episode 4 31:38 Read by Mark Nelson
05 Episode 5 27:45 Read by Mark Nelson
06 Episode 6 30:57 Read by Mark Nelson
07 Episode 7 27:11 Read by Mark Nelson
08 Episode 8 25:54 Read by Mark Nelson
09 Episode 9 24:58 Read by Mark Nelson
10 Episode 10 28:53 Read by Mark Nelson
11 Episode 11 35:34 Read by Mark Nelson
12 Episode 12 33:45 Read by Mark Nelson


an unexpected 5 star

(5 stars)

i wasnt to sure about reading this book, a futuristic space book published in 1960 (a year before the first man in space successful mission). but the reader is fantastic in other books so i figured i would give this one a try. its not really about spaceships or travel. a few minutes in the beginning and a few minutes at the end are "in space". its more about people surviving on a planet in impossible conditions. dont get wrapped up in characters, they die fast and the book covers 200 years of life adapting to the planet they are on. its a good book with vague enough descriptions to let your imagination wander. a fast moving story of never say die people.

Expect a history with vignettes

(5 stars)

Tom Godwin's sprawling tale spans generations, focusing on key people at key moments. If you're looking for deep character development in individuals, you'll be disappointed. But if you're curious how an entire people can adapt, while maintaining a steadfast commitment, you will enjoy this story. (Again, well done, Mark Nelson!)

(4.5 stars)

A misleading title for me. A grand story about the ability of the human race to overcome many types of obstacles. The belief in all humans to take a punch and as long as getting up to stand along with ones fellow citizen . We will prevail . With help from God and the fellow soul . I have seen the promise land , I may not make it there today however I will make it threw you . With love of all souls be it human or animal I will be with you when you cross the finish line 😇

Episodic other-world adventure

(3 stars)

A few thousand earth men and women engage in a grim and unrelenting fight for survival on a violently hostile planet. As the years and then the generations pass, the thousands are reduced to only a handful who are kept alive by a burning desire to wreak vengeance on the alien overlords who marooned them. I must admit Tom Godwin isn't my favorite sci fi author, and this isn't one of my favorite, vintage sci fi novels. Nevertheless it is entertaining, thanks in a large measure to Mark Nelson's excellent reading.

The determination of

(5 stars)

the Ragnarok survivors. This book has a very good storyline, the characters are believable and are very determined to get back what was stolen from them 200 years before. They the people where sent to this planet of hostility where living and breathing was a daily nightmare. The weather was either to hot a scorching burning atmosphere and winter a freezer with aggressive creatures ready to kill them but What was taken from them they aggressively get to take. A very good read by Mark an excellent reader.

space Prison

(5 stars)

Well somewhat depressing with folks dying all the time. But there is a point to that. Time, is a pivotal player in this exceptional well read story of over coming adversity and its consequences for those who set themselves above other's with the pride that, will, inevitably, come before a fall. Gerat story, really well read by Mark who adds depth to the book with digestible accents and emotion. Fantastic.

simply amazing

(5 stars)

A wonderful, powerful gem. Thank goodness I listened. I knew right away that I had to pay attention to this. The best book of my whole life. Big thank you to my gf for helping me find it. I am a more refined person to have had this experience and its impact on me is profound. I love this book. Can't wait for space barbarians.

Now one of my top favorites!

(5 stars)

An absolutely terrific story enhanced by a most excellent reader. Yes, please, someone turn this into a screenplay and a blockbuster movie. It's even already primed for sequels. A tale of the human spirit surviving and triumphing in the face of overwhelming odds. The title made me reluctant to listen but I am very glad I finally did.