The Science of Getting Rich

Read by Diana Majlinger

(4.5 stars; 7661 reviews)

Would you like to be rich? Yes? Well, who wouldn't.

The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace D. Wattles. The book is still in print after almost 100 years. According to USA Today, the text is "divided into 17 short, straight-to-the-point chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, not competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction." (Summary by Diana Majlinger and Wikipedia)

(2 hr 8 min)


00 - Preface 2:40 Read by Diana Majlinger
01 - The Right To Be Rich 5:26 Read by Diana Majlinger
02 - There is A Science of Getting Rich 6:13 Read by Diana Majlinger
03 - Is Opportunity Monopolized? 6:59 Read by Diana Majlinger
04 - The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich 9:51 Read by Diana Majlinger
05 - Increasing Life 9:42 Read by Diana Majlinger
06 - How Riches Come to You 8:44 Read by Diana Majlinger
07 - Gratitude 6:31 Read by Diana Majlinger
08 - Thinking in the Certain Way 7:31 Read by Diana Majlinger
09 - How to Use the Will 7:55 Read by Diana Majlinger
10 - Further Use of the Will 8:43 Read by Diana Majlinger
11 - Acting in the Certain Way 8:56 Read by Diana Majlinger
12 - Efficient Action 7:37 Read by Diana Majlinger
13 - Getting into the Right Business 6:43 Read by Diana Majlinger
14 - The Impression of Increase 6:52 Read by Diana Majlinger
15 - The Advancing Man 6:50 Read by Diana Majlinger
16 - Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations 7:41 Read by Diana Majlinger
17 - Summary of the Science of Getting Rich 3:15 Read by Diana Majlinger


This book has awakened the greatness in me, opening my understan

(5 stars)

Law of Attraction

(5 stars)

I like how the author takes from different philosophies, the law of attraction and even Christianity. He summarizes it all into a nice succinct package. I will apply these simple yet powerful principles and let you all know what happens!

Strange, but inspiring

(5 stars)

I must say I laughed at many points in this book. Sometimes you feel like it's simply too much. Nevertheless there are many great thoughts, many valuable arguments for discussion on various fields. Highly recommended.

A great book worth reading and inspiring.

(5 stars)

A great book worth reading and inspiring.

Mind awakening and soul refreshing

(5 stars)

Great start for simple approach into action. It defines the simple thought that usually is unconsidered which leads to spoilage of whatever you wish for.

self inspiring , teach yourself book

(4 stars)

it was a revelation to understand how someone who has so well processed mentally what you know and understand but cannot execute or implement what you already know. its a true guide to the path you are already walking but you just don't know it yet. genius is that it will never become irrelevant any era. read it a fifty years from now you will still be able to relate to it the same way you do now.

Great Work

(5 stars)

This is such a liberating book. This a book you read and you find it hard to read another because of lack of harmony and ideas out there that are based primarily on personal ideas. This is something that should be made part of one's daily life. Thanks LibriVox for making this available on this domain.

soul awakening

(5 stars)

As a believer in God I am inclined to believe in the power anyway but to be reminded of how practical and expansive this power can be in daily life, goal setting and goal achieving is refreshing and did my heart and mind good.