Anne of Green Gables (version 3)

Read by Karen Savage

(4.9 stars; 2117 reviews)

The timeless story of the young orphan girl sent by accident to a brother and sister who had wanted a boy, Anne, with her vivid imagination and sensitive spirit, has enchanted readers for generations. (Summary by Karen Savage)

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(8 hr 37 min)


Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Surprised 14:38 Read by Karen Savage
Matthew Cuthbert Is Surprised 25:15 Read by Karen Savage
Marilla Cuthbert Is Surprised 11:35 Read by Karen Savage
Morning at Green Gables 11:19 Read by Karen Savage
Anne's History 10:37 Read by Karen Savage
Marilla Makes Up Her Mind 9:38 Read by Karen Savage
Anne Says Her Prayers 6:29 Read by Karen Savage
Anne's Bringing Up Is Begun 14:49 Read by Karen Savage
Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Properly Horrified 12:51 Read by Karen Savage
Anne's Apology 13:42 Read by Karen Savage
Anne's Impressions of Sunday School 9:15 Read by Karen Savage
A Solemn Vow and Promise 10:19 Read by Karen Savage
The Delights of Anticipation 9:01 Read by Karen Savage
Anne's Confession 15:49 Read by Karen Savage
A Tempest in the School Teapot 26:14 Read by Karen Savage
Diana Is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results 19:21 Read by Karen Savage
A New Interest In Life 10:30 Read by Karen Savage
Anne to the Rescue 16:26 Read by Karen Savage
A Concert, A Catastrophe, and a Confession 19:55 Read by Karen Savage
A Good Imagination Gone Wrong 11:34 Read by Karen Savage
A New Departure in Flavorings 17:45 Read by Karen Savage
Anne Is Invited Out to Tea 7:22 Read by Karen Savage
Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honor 11:29 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Stacy and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert 7:49 Read by Karen Savage
Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves 17:44 Read by Karen Savage
The Story Club Is Formed 12:58 Read by Karen Savage
Vanity and Vexation of Spirit 13:01 Read by Karen Savage
An Unfortunate Lily Maid 15:01 Read by Karen Savage
An Epoch in Anne's Life 15:36 Read by Karen Savage
The Queen's Class Is Organized 20:33 Read by Karen Savage
Where the Brook and River Meet 11:09 Read by Karen Savage
The Pass List Is Out 12:50 Read by Karen Savage
The Hotel Concert 16:47 Read by Karen Savage
A Queen's Girl 12:32 Read by Karen Savage
The Winter at Queen's 8:20 Read by Karen Savage
The Glory and the Dream 9:45 Read by Karen Savage
The Reaper Whose Name Is Death 12:35 Read by Karen Savage
The Bend in the Road 14:59 Read by Karen Savage


Perfectly Performed

(5 stars)

Karen Savage is a professional narrator; she's on Audible. She is also an avid knitter. Karen does a spectacular job in all her narrations and has done all the "Anne" books that are in the Public Domain in the USA for Librivox. Another book that she performs very well is The Secret Garden in which she does all varied British accents perfectly. Karen is fluent in Spanish and French as well. I have often gone to sleep listening to her sweet girlish voice. Yes, she does speak quite quickly, but the Librivox app does let you change the speed to your liking so it is not a problem.

Masterfully Read

(5 stars)

Anne of Green Gables, the first in Lucy Maud Montgomery's timeless Anne series is brought to life by expert and expressive reader, Karen Savage. There is none like her. I actually groaned in deep disappointment at the end of the last chapter. Fortunately, the series continues with Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, and Anne's House of Dreams.

A favorite forever

(5 stars)

This version of Anne of Green Gables read by Karen Savage is my favorite. Karen reads with a pleasant tambour. I didn’t become acquainted with the ‘Anne’ series until adulthood, but this story takes me back to childhood days of freedom and fancy that recalls dreamy exploration of woods and flowing brooks. Anne is an orphan in turn of the century Eastern Canada, in Prince Edward Island. She is taken in, sort of mistakenly, by older couple, siblings, Matthew & Marilla Cuthbert. Anne is full of imaginations and dreamy absentmindedness which brings unbounded consternation to stalwart Marilla. Adventures & scrapes bring emotional highs and lows for Anne and all of us as we enjoy being drawn into her world.

love it

(5 stars)

I was in my late fifties when I found this wonderful reading. I tried to read the book when I was younger, but couldn't get into it. Then I found Karen Savage reading it on LibraVox and fell in love with it. I've played the entire series so many times that I know what's coming just by the chapter titles! I love the fact that the series teaches Christian values without being obvious about it. Love, respect for others (and yourself), obedience to elders, friendship--I could go on and on. It's all in there. Karen makes the humor even funnier and the more serious parts touching without being overly dramatic. Thank you Karen.

(5 stars)

I have always loved this story for its morals and the wonderful insights it imparts of the tremendously different ways children's eyes see the world and are affected by the peers and especially adults in their world. As opposed to the manner in which those adults think of them and lack the caring and/of ability to remember what it was like to be a child. Especially we enthusiastic and emotionally charged children which I was one and can easily recognize in others. Ms. Savage a lovely, soulful reader who intelligently brings the book to life.

lovely read

(5 stars)

loved this book, the reader did very well with her expressions. I listened to this book after having watched the newer series of Ann with an E. I think the book and the series are great in their own rights. Though there are several differences I belive the characters and actors hold very true to this books representation of them. So if you liked this book Ann with an E on Netflix is a freash look at it I think you'd enjoy also.

Most extraordinary book yet

(5 stars)

I never thought I would enjoy an audiobook as much as I loved this. This book was the first ever audiobook I ever listened and I was not disappointed. The way Karen Savage reads it and the way Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote it is too perfect for my ears. I love Anne and everything she stands for. I'm so glad I decided I'd listen to her story.

Favorite Read

(5 stars)

I'd read the Anne series as a young girl and was so happy to stumble upon this audiobook series and specifically read by Karen Savage. Her voice is perfect and combined with the image of Anne from Netflix's 'Anne With an E', I spent deliriously perfect hours revisiting Avonlea and Ingleside. Thank you, Karen for your lovely voice and recording!