Kittyboy's Christmas

Read by Lynne T

(4.8 stars; 8 reviews)

Is Santa Claus real? Six year old Elinor thinks so as she sends her letter, and persuades her friend Bill to do likewise. On the other side of town, a stray kitten adopts a lonely bachelor. As the two worlds come together, the magic of Christmas is kept alive for all ages in this heart-warming tale.( Lynne Thompson) (1 hr 0 min)


Chapter I 12:45 Read by Lynne T
Chapter II 14:13 Read by Lynne T
Chapter III 12:06 Read by Lynne T
Chapter IV 10:25 Read by Lynne T
Chapter V 11:17 Read by Lynne T


Cute little Christmas Story

(4 stars)

A delightful little story about the love and goodwill of Christmas. Clearly and well read.